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Aryel Persausive Essay

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Aryel Dosetareh

The Bean Trees

Persuasive Essay: Final Draft

Quote of the Novel.



The Bean Trees, a book by author Barbara Kingsolver, is the story of Taylor Greer, a somewhat confused individual going cross country. On her way to the West, she is given a baby girl by an unknown figure. Not knowing what to do with the child, she takes her along with her. Taylor doesn't know that this baby will soon change her perspective on life and change her through different ways entirely. The Bean Trees a deffinetlly a book that can give you life lessons and certain virtues.


The Bean Trees portrays and expresses several influential quotes that can be referred to as “The Bean Trees in a nutshell.” These quotes express the book in a special way, and they can go in depth to explain their own deeper meaning by explaining concepts and ideas you can only find when you read between the lines. The reason I chose the quote I did is because if the entire Bean Treeswas erased, and this quote was the only line saved, it would express an essential point of the story and would explain the book in a simple way. Out of the several quotes the book has, I chose the following, found on page 246: “ It didn't seem to matter to Turtle, she was happy where she was...She entertained me with her vegetable soup song...Expect that now there were people mixed in the Bean Trees and potatoes: Dwayne Ray, Mattie, Esparenza, Lou Ann, and the rest. And me. I was the main ingredient.”


This given quote shows happiness as well as other points. The author’s use of language in this quote is soft and sounds like it is being used in expression. Taylor is saying the quote, and it’s surly not given in a harsh manner. The quote is found on the last page of the book, which can give the idea that the most influential understandings are only found out and understood at the end.



One reason why this quote is important is because it recounts a mirror image of the novel. At the beginning of the novel, on Taylor’s first trip to Tucson, Turtle was too shy with her surroundings. Now she is comfortable with everyone around her, as her life has been changed dramatically, and as she lives a whole different life. Another reason why this quote is important is because it shows that Turtle has fully recovered from her past abuse. The way this is shown is when Turtle uses names in her conversation and vegetable soup song. This shows great change. Turtle could not connect to the different people or become close to them early in the book. Saying their names shows her recovery and her ability to trust people.




Taylor is said to be the “main ingredient” in Turtle’s vegetable soup song. Taylor’s love and care for Turtle has changed her and has affected Turtle’s behavior towards Taylor too. By being the “main ingredient,” Taylor is identified as an important figure, such as a motherly figure in Turtle’s life. Taylor also shows her connection towards Turtle by believing in herself as a mother and a strong motherly figure.


This quote sums up many important ideas and concepts picked up from this novel. You understand a lot from it and it explains significant ideas. It shows its true meaning at the end of the book, and that is why I picked it as my quote of the novel.

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