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Brandon Place

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What Makes Hilton Head

I wake to the sound of waves gently lapping the sandy surface. I can hear the birds calling softly as they dart across the dark blue sky. I wake and see dolphins piercing the ocean with their curved gray fins. I wake and smell the unusual, but powerful scent of the sea. I wake in Hilton Head.


Hilton Head is the destination of my family’s annual Thanksgiving trip. There are nineteen of us that squeeze into one oceanfront sky blue house. Every Thanksgiving, this house turns into ground zero for the antics of six sugar-loaded youngsters. By the end of the week the children will leave their mark on each of the following: the remote will have gooey melted chocolate on it, leaving the four and the seven almost unreadable; the yellow flowered couch pillow will find its way to the swimming pool.; and a thousand piece Spongebob Squarepants puzzle will be spread throughout the house, including the vent and the roof. Without this chaos, Hilton Head would not be the same.


Fishing always finds a place on the highlight reel of the turkey day trip. As we sit watching an orange ball float on the glass surface of the lake, the air absorbs the smell of the defrosting shrimp that we use to catch the fish. The hours pass as we wait in the silence of the water. It is a custom for the mosquitoes to bite much more than the fish ever do. Without this aggravation, Hilton Head would not be the same.


We park ourselves on the beach preparing to watch the sunset. This phenomenon is unique in its own way. As the sun gradually lowers, the sky illuminates into a tint of cotton candy pink and sherbet orange. The sun resembles an egg yolk in the final seconds in sight before it drops off the side of the earth. Once the fireball is out of sight the sky shines its final light before being covered by the dark blanket of night. Without this brief wonder, Hilton Head would not be the same.


Hilton Head is formed by minute details. The smallest details make it a beautiful location. Hilton Head is an astonishing place. I hope that it always stays the same.

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