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Chantelle Quote of Novel

Page history last edited by PBworks 14 years ago

"Now there were people mixed in with the beans and potatoes: Dwayne Ray, Mattie, Esperanza, Lou Ann, and all the rest. And me, I was the main ingredient." This quote is the most imortant part of The Bean Tree's If the entire book novel were to be lost, and this was the only paragraph saved, it would perfectly sum up the book. It complements the central metaphor of the book and shows that thought there are other people in Turtle's life, the beans and potatoes, Taylor is the most important part, the main ingredient.


In the beginning of the book, Turtle is very quiet and reserved. Taylor tries her hardest to get the grl to like her. The only thing she does is cling to people. Toards the middle of the novel, Turtle finally begins to talk more, but she has a strange attachment to Esperanza, hich makes Taylor feel even worse. Taylor teaches Turtle to name all the vegtables and talk more. Throughout the whole book, Taylor words to adopt Turtle, whcih shows how much she cares. At the end, Turtle finally becomes close to Taylor and looks up to her as a mother. The quote which I chose shows exactly that. Taylor becomes the most important part, the main in ingredient, in Turtle's life.


The way it is written is also related to Turtle and her developments in the book. Turtle becomes oddly obsessed with vegtables. Also, Taylor introduces her to Rhizobia and Wisteria vines, which also need each othe to survive. "The wisteria vines on their own would just barely get by," is how I explained it to Turtle, "but put them together with rhizobia and they make miracles." The quote in the first paragraph sums up all that and shows that without Taylor, Turtle would not be where she is, Taylor toko her from a bad life and worked to adopt her. And without Turtle, Taylor wouldnt be where she is, either, She wouldnt know Mattie, or Esperanza and Estevan. Turtle and Taylor's personalities also changed because they influenced each other. Taylor and Turtle were changed for the better because they new each other. This quote shows how much they truly needed each other.


Without this quote, The Bean Tree's wouldnt be the same. This is the essence of the novel, the whole point. Mattie, Esperanza, Estevan, Lou Ann, and Dwayne Ray were all beans and potatoes in the story, but Turtle and Taylor, together, were the main ingredients, the rhizobia to the wisteria vines.

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