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Jake Character sketch

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A Little Beagle in a Big World

By: Jake Stein


Although people might think that life as a dog in New York City would be tough, it’s actually the main excitement in my small puppy life. As I waddle down the damp sidewalks every cool morning, I smell the wonderful aroma of the city; smells that humans may not think are too quaint. The City is so much bigger than the average human may think, and being a miniature beagle, I have the easy way around things. Without my friends, I would be nothing. At least twice a day I take a run down to Central Park, through the taxis and the businessmen, where I see many of my buddies. My best friends, the ones that I see almost every day, are Sparks, the labradoodle, Stanford, the Labrador, and Puchi, the poodle.


On a daily basis, I get up bright and early to the smell of garbage trucks and steamy pavement. Waking up this morning, squinting towards the bright orange sunrise, I peered out the foggy window, wagging my brown and white spotted tail in excitement for the adventurous day to come. I walked outside, and followed my cold pink nose to the first journey of the day. Sniffing around, I could smell the aroma of restaurants, hotdog stands, garbage dumpsters, and fellow dogs droppings on the muddy-patched grass squares placed in front of every apartment building. Deciding to go to Times Square, I squinted my eyes and hunched my hind legs as a sign to get ready for the run there…and I was off.


As I turned the corner of one of the cobble-stoned streets, passing by a carriage led by horses with laughing tourists, I saw the bright neon lights and Broadway advertisements spread all about the buildings. Looking up, I saw TRL, with fans screaming at the top of their lungs. With my mouth watering at the sight of the Hershey Chocolate store, I began to feel weak from running. Hungry from my far traveling through the city, I ran behind the Carnegie Deli where unfinished food piled high, the perfect feast for a small beagle like me. The stacked turkey pastrami sandwiches, wheat bread, dill pickles, and creamy cheesecake for dessert, was way too much for my furry bulging belly. “Ruff,” I barked and turned my head sideways, as I realized the time. It was time for the daily run though Central Park with my friends.


Knowing that I could not run through the crowded car filled streets, I decided to take a risk that I had never seen taken before: to jump into a horse drawn carriage. Shaking nervously, hearing the clumping hoofs on the bumpy streets, I jumped behind the seat of the driver, waiting for the right time to jump off. Trying to leap far enough not to fall under the horse’s heavy legs, I landed right into a thick pink, green thornberry bush, scarring my nose. As I struggled to get out, familiar sounds of laughter around me caught my floppy ears. To my surprise, it was my friends; Sparks, Stanford, and Puchi too! I was embarrassed of the incident with the bush. We all raced to our regular hang out spot, the most tree filled area of the park.


“Whoosh!” All the leaves flew in the air and slowly glided down back onto our round faces as we jumped into leaf pile after leaf pile. Getting bored of this game, we decided to take a relaxing swim in the blue fish populated lake. Rowing canoes, fishing children, and smelly geese were no obstacles for us. As my paw first touched the water, I shook in a moment of not realizing the temperature difference. After taking a quick swim, we all rolled around in the grassy fields to dry off, scaring the beige and brown squirrels nearby, ending their search for fallen walnuts. Seeing the sun setting, reflecting off the lake with purples, oranges, and pinks, we all lay down together reflecting on the exiting day we had just had, and the days to come. Soon, being pet by a little girl with her old worldly grandfather, I laid back with the sun’s warmth soaking into my drying fur, taking in the relaxing moment.


Sad that the day was over, walking back home to go to take a long well-deserved sleep, I looked back one last time to see the sun setting over the tall trees of the park, to my friends separating their own ways home, and to the little girl and her grandpa walking away, holding hands. I arrived home with a grin on my face thinking of the memories of the day, and immediately jumped onto my cushiony, soft doggy bed, snuggled in tight. After circling around until I felt comfortable to lie down, I was far into a good night puppy dog sleep… dreaming of more exhilierating days in the big, Big Apple.

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