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Jason Quote of Novel

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Bean Trees Quote


Books and literature are the foundation of our very literal and artistic way of life. Without literature, our minds would not create, think, or expand. For the mind to explore and ask the unthinkable we must feed our imagination with the information literature and books provide for us. The quote I chose from The Bean Trees, by Barbara Kingsolver, reminds the reader the hardship and angst the characters have struggled through, but also represents the hope that awaits them as their journey continues. If one excerpt from the book was to be taken before the book was erased, I feel this quote best represents the book and its message as a whole.


"She watched the dark highway and entertained me with her vegetable soup song, except that now there were people mixed in with the beans and potatoes: Dwayne Ray, Mattie, Esperanza, Lou Ann, and all the rest. And me. I was the main ingredient." Along with being the last few lines of the book, they are the most meaningful. Throughout Taylor and Turtle's experiences in the past, they have encountered so much and have been able to succeed in the most difficult of times. Their driving away into the darkness of the highway is a testament of the strong souls they possess. They will not be defeated nor perturbed for what has happened thus far has only made them stronger.


The people who Taylor and Turtle have met and lived with throughout the course of the book are the sole reason they are in the position they find themselves. Without the help of the ones who truly love and support them, there would have been no way for Taylor to support a daughter and keep herself sane. The guidance provided by Mattie, a deep - rooted friendship from Lou Ann, and the exceeding love and understanding from Estevan and Esperanza brought Taylor to her feet. Whether they accommodated her a house to live in, a job to help pay rent, or enlightened her with the knowledge of loss, it all gave her the strength to go forward with her life and start anew. They were now in the present, leaving the ones they loved behind, embracing the unfamiliarity of the highway before them.


Off they went, two people trying to find their purpose in the world. Two people who once hit rock bottom, now rising up to acceptance and purpose. Two people who have inspired the ones they encountered, and allowed others to inspire them as well. As they make their way off into the unknown, they reflect on the positive changes they have made within themselves, and the strides they have taken to become the people they are at that moment in time. They are willing to be disappointed, but also accept the circumstances and deal with it. They are willing to experience the uncertainty of the future and love every minute while doing it.


The events that occur in The Bean Trees reflect upon human nature. Oh how one person can alter the lives of so many around them and not even realize it. Turtle brought six strangers together and made them one. One friendship, one support system, one dream, one life story, one family.

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