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Metamorphosis Section I

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Part I Summary

The first section opens as the chief character of the story, Gregor Samsa, wakes up and finds he has turned into a giant bug. He lies in bed examining his new body with detached interest, as if he were dreaming. In his confusion, Gregor wonders if he is perhaps still asleep; but when he recognizes the four familiar walls of his bedroom, he realizes he is quite awake. His first thoughts are about his job; he is a commercial salesman who travels extensively. Gregor feels a bit of a panic, for his entire family depends on him to work and earn money; he is the sole breadwinner for the Samsas'. As he tries to move, his waving legs seem to go in all directions, and he does not know how to control them. His efforts are interrupted by the sound of the doorbell. He soon realizes, with considerable irritation, that it is the chief clerk from his office. Gregor makes a heroic attempt to get out of bed and falls to the floor with a crash.

At this point, Gregor's mother is worried, his sister is near tears, and his father seems mildly annoyed. The chief clerk is belligerent, making suggestions that Gregor has stolen money from the firm and is staying home to hide the fact. These insinuations anger Gregor. His mother is sure that He is really ill. Gregor has heard enough. He decides to emerge from his room, revealing the metamorphosis he has experienced. Unfortunately, he cannot turn the door lock, for he has no hands. Gregor finally succeeds in opening the door. Gregor's appearance is shocking. His mother faints, and his father is at first rendered speechless. The chief clerk is horrified and tries to escape. Gregor's father is furious; he hisses and pokes at him with a walking stick, driving him back into his room. , the new Gregor finally manages to maneuver his awkward bug body back into his own room. The door is shut firmly behind him, and the Samsa household grows silent.


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