Michael G BT



"But this is the most interesting part:wisteria vines, like other legumes, often thrive in poor soil, the book said. Their secret is something called rhizobia. These are microscopic bugs that live underground in little knots on the roots. They suck nitrogen gas right out of the soil and turn it into fertilizer for the plant. The rhizobia are not actually part of the plant, they are separate creatures, but they always live with legumes: a kind of underground railroad moving secretly up and down the roots. 'Its like this,' I told Turtle. 'There's a whole invisible system for helping out the plant that you'd never guess was there.' I loved this idea.'Its the same with people. The way Edna has Virgie, and Virgie has Edna, and Sandi has Kid Central Station, and everybody has Mattie. And on and on. "The wisteria vines on their own would just barley get by, is how i explained it to Turtle, but put them together with rhixobia and they make miracles."

Taylor p.241


Quote of the novel


"It didn’t seem to matter to Turtle, she was happy where she was. . . . She watched the dark highway and entertained me with her vegetable-soup song, except that now there were people mixed in with the beans and potatoes: Dwayne Ray, Mattie, Esperanza, Lou Ann and all the rest. And me. I was the main ingredient."

Taylor p.246




"Not one tree in all of Oklahoma"

Taylor p.14




"I feel like the only reason I have any friends is because I'm always careful not to say something totally dumb and if I blow it just one time then thats it!"


Lou Ann p.89