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Michael's Character

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The “Thing”

In the dark corners of High Haven Court, lies a dark and hideous creature. It eats whatever it can get its hands on. It wears all black on most occasions, and when it gets its hands on anything else, it wears it. It lives in a room confined by locks of many types. It still manages to break free with its claws of hatred for all mankind. It is actually very smart compared to the rest of its almost forgotten race of creatures. It has the willpower to never give up, even to the ends of time.

The setting takes place in my grandparents' placid, peaceful house. It was Friday night dinner, and we were just about to eat until suddenly, "Uhhhhh, mom? Why is the house turning black?!?!?!?" I asked in a frantic voice.

"Umm, don’t worry, honey, everything will be fine." My mom replied looking around as if the house were on fire. "Go to your father, dear." I didn’t go; I was stuck in place by fear. "Michael! Go to your father now!!!" my mom yelled. I snapped out of it and ran to my dad.

"Sorry mom.” I whispered. Suddenly, the house door swung open and a black shadow walked in. It wasn’t until about twenty seconds of staring at it until I realized what it was. It had a shape of a human, with arms and legs and hands, but it was covered in this black shiny matter that covered its body creating a lightning like effect. It looked like a dark, black fire surrounded it. It walked into the kitchen making an implant on the floor.

It took off its black hood, which gradually faded to navy blue and as time went on, and then, it came. It was the most horrible thing I have ever heard in my entire life. It sounded like a baby screaming at the top of its lungs, combined with a scraggly old voice yelling. Together, they made a scream so horrid, it hurts even thinking about it. Out of the color changing hood grew thorns. The thorns were dark brown and were deadly enough to kill anything in its path.

It looked at my mom and me. Suddenly, it turned its head around in alarm. My cousin was coming out of the bathroom.

“Grandma, the lights aren’t work………………” She was cut off in mid sentence by the high shriek. Suddenly, the “thing” walked towards my cousin and stood at about twice her size. We never even could tell how small she was until now. It flung its thorns like they were hair, and it hit my cousin. My cousin flew down to the floor with a terrible scream. We could all tell, even after the scream had ended, the pain was still ringing in her ears. It looked pleased behind its blue hood. Its body had been cleared of its black fire.


It was still preoccupied torturing my cousin when I broke free from my mother’s grasp. She mother was too frightened to do anything. I ran to the table and picked up something, not knowing what it was. I threw it at the thing. It hit it where the back of the head would have been. Instead of a thump, we heard a crash. The thing had picked up its heel with cat like reflexes and started running towards me. It reached me in about half the time it would take a track runner juiced-up on caffeine and reached its hand into its black cloak. It took out a knife. It raised the knife high in the air as if it was getting ready to strike and came down upon me. I ducked and dove. I made it out just in time to see it slice off part of the challah we had prepared for Shabbat dinner. It twisted its head, making a weird ticking sound. It stared at me and put the knife away and picked up that challah. It chewed on the bread.

My mother, just realizing what happened, ran towards me and put me behind her. She looked around and saw a chair. She picked it up and threw it at the thing. The thing jumped, but the chair hit its legs and shoes. The dark fire evaporated like lightning traveling upwards. It showed bare legs. It started looking more and more like a human.

It looked at us with a terrible hate in its eyes. It removed it dark cloak only to reveal a red shirt with a skull on it. The black was all gone, except for its face. It looked at us and said in a scrappy voice. “How dare you throw that insignificant minute portion of litter at me?” We looked at it and grimaced. Its face was changing shapes. "Just for that, I will rip out your cranium and compress your skull into a gooey fluid!"

It started to walk towards us. It felt like a hundred years before it reached us. It looked me straight in the eyes, and raised its claw. As it was bringing it down, the door opened. It turned around in haste. Standing before us was my aunt. The thing suddenly stopped attacking me and its clothes fell off revealing a pink ballerina suit. "Hi mommy, how was work today?" it asked. That was all I remember from that day.

The next thing I remember was waking up in the hospital with my mom, aunt, grandmother, and my cousin who looked just like the thing. They all started leaving one by one until it was just my cousin and me. She came close to me and whispered in an encouraging voice, "Don’t worry, I won't be too far away." As she walked away into the shadows of the hospital, I could have swore I saw black thunder like things following the trail she made . . .

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