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Nace Z BT

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I had taken a job at Jesus is Lord Used Tires.


Pg. 104



I knew that Estevan had walked a long, hard road beyond innocence, but still he sometimes did the most simple, innocent, heartbreaking things. As much as I have wanted anything ever, I wanted to know how that chest would feel against my face.


Pg. 279



"There's a whole invisible system for helping out the plant that you'd never guess was there." I loved this idea. "It's just the same as with people. The way Edna has Virgie, and Virgie has Edna, and Sandi has Kid Central Station, and everbody has Mattie. And on and on."







Quote Of The Novel

"Let me tell you something, tomato lady. Whatever you want the most, it's going to be the worst thing for you."


~Bobby Bingo



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