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Nancy Grau


As I was walking on the rough sidewalk, I was thinking this is the same walk I take every year to Oma and Opa's house to drink some overcooked coffee, eat pie that was weeks past its expiration date, and go on a boat ride at the end of the day.


When I arrived, I walked in the house like it was my own. As I stood there I noticed the screen doors were open, letting in a cool summer breeze. All the magazines were on the coffee table and the German version of The DaVinci Code was in the middle of the table under the dead flowers.


I called out, "Opa, Oma, Im here!"


Oma called out, "Hello?" And I had to repeat what I said. After a minute or two she finally was trudging down the stairs in her size four house slippers, and a pair of shorts that she hasn't washed for over a week. When she got down the stairs I gave her a kiss. I could smell the Lancome perfume she puts on everyday and the smell of the hairspary to keep her thin, gray hair in place.


Once I greeted both my grandparents they invited me for coffee and pie. I declined the coffee, but took the pie and slowly started eating my slice,examining each slice. My grandparents started to ask me how my flight was, If I arrived ok, and if I was having a good time. For the next few hours we sat around the oversized dining table eating, and chatting.


"Opa, what are we going to do today?" I asked.


"Say again?" Opa said as he turned up his oversized hearing aid.


"What are we going to do today?" I asked even louder.


After a couple of moments of Oma and Opa arguing about what to do, we decided to go with the yearly boat ride as usual. My grandpa fished around for the keys in his dirty pockets and sluggishly headed for the car. I decided to sit in the back sit of my grandfather's car to maintain saftey from all the emergency stops he has to make while he is trying to show me around Zurich before I even got on the boat.


When we arrived, my Opa printed two boat tickets while I sat on the ledge to watch the cloud white geese with their ducklings. As my granfather joined me, we sat in silence until the boat came. As the boat was arriving I noticed the rusty letters that said Zurich and the green algae on the edges of the boat. Once we boarded the boat, I ran up to the top to grab a great seat leaving my poor grandfather alone, but figured he could manage.


We left the harbor going towards the city. As we were leaving my grandfather slowly came up stairs and sat into the chair next to me, and thats when my grandfather started to give me all the history of every single stop. I tried to tune him out and look at all the houses and people playing at the lake, since I have heard the same history every single year. For the next hour, we were admiring the geography of Zurich.


Once my grandfather droped me off at my Aunts house, I was relieved. I got through another day with Opa. As I was lying there, I thought to myself, it was very thoughtful of my grandfather to take me on this trip every year, and the fact that he wants to spend time with me gives me a joyful feeling. I appreciate the that he takes time for me out of his busy retierment schedule. That is why Opa is so special to me.

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