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Nancy G BT

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The Bean Trees



Quotation that shows the importance of a place



"If I wanted a baby I would have stayed in kentucky."

-Taylor once lived in Kentucky showing the setting of where.


Quotation that shows relantionship


Character Sketch


"I have always thought you had a wonderfulway with words,"Estevan said. "You are poetic,mi'ija"..."Well thank you for the compliment,"Taylor said. "But thats the biggest bunch of hogwash,what you said.When did I ever say anything poetic?" "Washing hogs is poetic."He said

-Estvan and Taylor are speaking in this quote and by there conversation you can tell they are close.


Quotation that helps establish the metaphor exploredin the book


Metaphoric poem


"Ilike this," I told Turtle. "There's a whole invisible system for helping out the plant thats you'd never guess was there." I loved this idea. "It's just the same as with people. The way Edna has Virgie and Virgie has Edna, and Sandi has Kid Central Station, and everyone has Mattie.And on and on."

-In this quote Turtle's mother is saying that evolution is like a plant it has a whole system that makes it work.

The Quote of the novel


Persuasive Essay


"Take this baby"

-This quote describes the novel and it starts/describes the story.

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