Nancy Persuasive Essay

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Persuasive Essay


Nancy Grau


“Well my gosh, I mean, here you are so skinny and smart and cute and everything, and me and Dwayne Ray, well, we’re just lumping along here trying to get by. When I put that ad in the paper I thought, well, this is sure four dollars down the toilet; who in the world would want to move in here with us?” This meaningful quote introduces the new living situation for Taylor and begins to reveal what the future holds. If the rest of the novel were destroyed, this quote should definitely be remembered and cherished.


This quote introduces Taylor and Lou Ann and begins the whole plot of the story. It is at this point that the novel becomes exciting; shortly thereafter, Taylor getting a job at the tire shop to help pay rent at Lou Ann’s house. It also helped Taylor come over her fear of tires. The quote also shows how low Lou Ann’s self esteem is.


This quote can give you a vision of what was going on and the scenery at the moment. It also takes you to more quotes and helps you remember this book. Reading this quote I imagine Lou Ann and with little Dwayne Ray at the door speaking to Taylor and Turtle at the front door of Lou Ann’s house. Imagining this it brings me to more thoughts such as Taylor working at the tire shop and Taylor with Esparenza.


The Bean Trees is a book of remembrance, remembering when Taylor and Turtle moved in with meaning almost every quote in this book leads you to remember the rest of the book. The reason I choose this quote is because I think it gives the most remembrance out of all the quotes in the book because it leads to the rest of the story.

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