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Nancy Place

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My Favorite Place
Nancy Grau


My Favorite place is Switzerland. Its rustic street smell and beautiful historic sights such as the old churches, the University Albert Einstein went to and the location where William Tell shot an arrow through an apple make it appealing for everyone. The smell of the hot stands selling roasted peanuts, hot drinks, and soft,flaky, croissant give me great memories.


I was born in Switzerland and lived there until my third birthday when I moved, Now when I go back and visit all my memories come back to me. When I walk through the city I see all the designer stores,historic sights, and all the different types of transportation. I love seeing the buses bring people to work,hearing the trams wheels on the tracks, and riding the boat as I pass the green hills and the hundreds homes and apartments.


My favorite time to go to Switzerland is over the summer. The clear blue sky and the mild temperature make it perfect to go swiming in the lake. At the lake people bring lunches,dine at the cafe,and play outdoor activities. While you are eating or swiming you have a lovely sight of the Swiss Alps infront of you.


Switzerland overall is a beautiful place. The lake, the tranportations, and the shopping make it my favriote place.

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